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Company profile

Company profile

Shanghai WT Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing and trading company established in 2011 in Shanghai. Our company's products are mainly submarine cable protection pipe system, representative products are as follows: WQTF Cast Iron Glass Fiber Double Composite Articulated Pipe、WTFRP Glass Fiber Reineorced Articulated Pipe、WQT Ductile Iron Articulated Pipe、WTPE Polyurethane Submarine Cable Protection Tube、WTFB Split Duct Conduit、WVBR Bend Restrictors And J-Tube Seals、Concrete Lnterlocking Block Soft Mattress and mould.All of them are used for cable protection near the shore or on the beach. Our Pipes are made highly durable and adhere to International Standards. We can also manufacture according to ISO 1083 / AS1831 / GB T 1348  / KS D 4302 / JIS G 5502, and other series.

Over the years,We have established good relations of cooperation with some large Cable/Umbilical Manufacturers, General contractors and Cable Laying companies,ect.We are committed to enhancing our customers’ loyalty by supplying products that meet or exceed their requirements of fitness for use, performance, safety, and reliability.  We are now the first-choice supplier for a number of cable manufacturers as well as engineering and installation companies

In addition,All products can be customized according to your request in any size.

Ductile iron articulated protection pipe for cable
Polyurethane submarine cable protection tube
Fiberglass articulated pipe
Bend Restrictors and j-tube seals
Reinforced polypropylene Articulated Pipe
Split Conduit